Nectar DXP 1.10.0
    • 19 Jul 2022
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    Nectar DXP 1.10.0

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    Article Summary


    Nectar DXP is Nectar’s secure public cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nectar’s cloud services can be found at:


    Technical Notes

    If you are using Foundation APM, version 2021.3 must be installed before installing Nectar DXP. For more information, contact Nectar Support.


    Nectar is consistently adding support for different devices and applications. For more information on supported products, see Nectar UCMP Release Notes v2021.3.


    Nectar clients using Avaya CDR (call detail records) functionality in the RIG should have the Avaya system clock set via network time protocol (NTP). Accurate timestamps are critical when matching CDR to call quality statistics in Nectar DXP.

    New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

    New Features

    1. Avaya
      1.    Add new "Server/Data centers" filter
      2.    Quality details : Add Server column to the Session list
      3.    RIG configuration: Improve UX for Avaya options
      4.    Admin: Phone Locations
      5.    Quality Summary: Add "Agent" columns to Session list
      6.     Configure Date format per Source on Admin page
      7.    Session Details: UCD integration update to include Avaya calls.
    2. Email Alerting
      1. Alerts & Notification: Display supported platforms only for alerts
    3. Endpoint Client
      1. Add EC to Sizing metrics
      2. Call Details: Users/Endpoints filter: Filter out Endpoints data from filters
      3. EC: “Related Tests” section to the “Session Details” screen
      4. EC: Add new fields to Endpoints list
    4. EULA
      1. EULA display during auth for both regular and SSO users
    5. Managed Service Provider
      1. Service Provider Settings: Replace Nectar logo by MSP logo
      2. Service Provider Settings: Create API for MSP branding
      3. Service Provider Settings: Add MSP branding page
    6. RBAC Enhancement
      1. Reduce data scope for "Self-view" user role
      2. RBAC: Update UI for User role "Self-view"
      3. RBAC: Add new default User role "Self-view"
      4. Live Conference and Session Details: Extended roles support
      5. Historic Session Details, Conference Details: Extended roles support
    7. Single Dashboard
      1. RIG Agents: Add Platform list, revise pollers statuses, add OS
      2. RIG Agents: Add RIG manager update date
      3. RIG Agents: Add RIG agent update date
      4. RIG Agents Handle case when RigAgent metrics cannot be fetched or invalid
    8. Single Sign On
      1. SSO: Regenerating SSO metadata doesn't preserve the originally selected identifier
    9. User Health Index
      1. Add "Nectar Score" filter
      2. Add to the session list table
      3. Replace Quality on P2P Multimedia Session Details screen for Multimedia timeline
      4. Add to the Session details screen
      5. Improve avgNectarScore for Conferences
      6. Summary: Replace Poor % calls with Avg NectarScore in Locations
      7. Add sorting by Nectar Score value
      8. User overview: Replace Poor % calls with Avg NectarScore in Quality Summary
      9. Proactive Testing: Add filter and column
      10. Add to the Conference details screen
    10. User screen redesign
      1. Call Details.User Overview: 404 error appearing for Summary section
      2. User card: Add MS Teams Voicemails counter
      3. Insights: Add insights on Call Details for Poor/Failed Endpoint Client-related tests
    11. WebRTC
      1. Provisioning: API and UI to support enabling/disabling WebRTC for a given tenant
      2. Create tables with WEBRTC Users
      3. Admin: WebRTC Users
      4. Admin: Bulk update for the WebRTC Users
      5. Admin: Create "Edit" WebRTC user modal
      6. Admin: Map EC to Add errors
      7. Admin: General settings: Add ability to review WebRTC Users for the tenants without EC
      8. Admin: Add to Data Mart
      9. Add to Data Diagnostics
      10. Add to Sizing metrics table
      11. Add support of new platform into filters
      12. Update user top search
      13. Adjust Pinned Users to support WebRTC
      14. Populate dynamic filters with values from WebRTC
      15. UHI: Add WebRTC data to the UHI calculation
      16. Alerts&Notifications: Add WebRTC data to Poor Calls notifications
      17. Replace "WebRTC" item with corresponding platform
      18. Use "WebRTC" sub-platforms (Session List, Session Details)
      19. WebRTC. Integrate "Chromium Web Browser" client version as regular client version
      20. WebRTC. Client version. Make 'Chromium Web Browser' always supported client version
      21. Add codec information to Advanced call details screen
      22. Improve IP adress selection logic for the session
      23. Client version: show "Chromium Web Browser" instead of "Unknown"
      24. User Overview: User card Summary information
      25. User overview: Add to Quality bar chart
      26. User Overview: Add to Quality Summary
      27. User card - Add WebRTC data to "user info"
      28. Adapt Caller/Callee section for WebRTC sessions
      29. Calculate Nectar Score for WebRTC Session
      30. WebRTC  Add handling\population Insights into DM\filtering
      31. Sessions Details: Add EC related tests section
      32. Call details historic: Add to Quality Summary
      33. Add Summary information section for WebRTC sessions
      34. Add Call Details Advanced for WebRTC sessions
      35. Adapt Caller/Callee section for WebRTC sessions
      36. Summary: Add data to Corporate Location
      37. Summary: Add data to External Location
      38. Add to Modality histograms (Summary, Call details historic)
      39. Session details: Add Alerts section for WebRTC
      40. Add to Session List (Calls sessions)


    1. UI/UX
      1. Provisioning: Improve UX for multiple RIG agents
      2. Global filters: Switching between tenants: Reset filters to the default state
      3. Session tables: Add "Insights" column to Proactive testing and Quality Details
      4. Filters: Add "Insights" column to the Session list
      5. Global filters: Add filters to default
      6. Top Users search: Updates
      7. Pinned Users: Replace UHI value with UHI histogram
      8. Pinned Users: [FE] Rename "Poor Calls" column to "Poor Calls/Tests"
      9. Pin User on "User Overview" page
      10. Users Page: combine Display Name & Platform
      11. Session details: EC related tests: improve naming for empty state in the test session table
      12. Top search: Improvements for Pinned Users
      13. Filters: Add "Insights" filter
      14. Global filters: Remove propagation for filters
      15. Proactive testing: Make endpoints/Endpoint hub clickable
      16. UI: Correct UX for Modality filter
      17. [Cisco] CMS/VKM live Conference: List of participants: filtering by click on selected participant
    2. DB improvements & performance
      1. Add call of new db procedure after dbsync (or any data-source change)
      2. DB: Teams DM build become long running
      3. Update usage of threshold table in DM builds - remove joins, use json
      4. Cisco CUCM: Advanced: Extend logic for Cisco poor flag
      5. Update external location to return location name as separate columns

    Bug Fixes

    1. Account settings: Selected timezone is getting reset after page navigation
    2. Admin Users menu option is not visible in navigation menu for user with Administrator role
    3. Admin: Configuration: 
      1. RIGDB: Avaya Aura CM is not getting enable when selecting Avaya CMS or Session manager
      2. 400 error when open Edit Source dialog
      3. Avaya CM CDR timezone is not displaying in RigDB configuration window
      4. User not able to remove RIGDB configuration
    4. Admin: Data Diagnostics: Graph chart is NOT getting popup
    5. Call details: Live. Session list. Nectar Score labels are not displayed on UI
    6. CUCM sessions. Nectar Score that is greater than 100 percent is present
    7. IP/Phone Locations: Longitude/Latitude columns jumping when unsorting
    8. Pinned Users:
      1. Unable to remove user if only one is present
      2. User cannot be unpinned
    9. Poor Calls Alerts. Incorrect count of calls is present for some locations and users if particular modality or session type is selected
    10. Proactive testing: Tests Overview: Scalable column increases in width after relogin release: Admin API: 500 error when log to NDX
    11. Rig Manager: Exception when data are sent
    12. Service Provider:
      1. Users: Error message is displaying in the user list page
      2. Only Service provider roles should be available on SP Settings -> Users
    13. Session list. Some data is not displayed after sorting by columns if NS column is selected
    14. Skype Conference summary: Network issue flag is getting overlap with time range value
    15. UI:
      1. Auto-update option become enabled for 7/30 days
      2. CMS: Conference session isn't visible on timeline
    16. User overview: 
      1. Incorrect title for Voicemails counter
      2. Quality Summary section. DB related error on server side
      3. Avaya user overview doesn't work due to complex id
      4. Modality tab: 'None' modality filter cannot be applied
      5. Open/Close bracket is displaying in phone number field

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