Nectar DXP 1.9.2
    • 15 May 2023
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    Nectar DXP 1.9.2

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    Article Summary


    Nectar DXP is Nectar’s secure public cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nectar’s cloud services can be found at:


    Technical Notes

    If you are using Foundation APM, version 2021.3 must be installed before installing Nectar DXP. For more information, contact Nectar Support.


    Nectar is consistently adding support for different devices and applications. For more information on supported products, see Nectar UCMP Release Notes v2021.3.


    Nectar clients using Avaya CDR (call detail records) functionality in the RIG should have the Avaya system clock set via network time protocol (NTP). Accurate timestamps are critical when matching CDR to call quality statistics in Nectar DXP.

    New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

    New Features

    1.Activity Auditing: 

    •     Implemented test for audit log listener.
    •     Implemented tests for auditlogconfig project.

    2. Adapted screens for Avaya / Cisco users mapped to Endpoints via PBX Extension.

    3. Admin Endpoints: Updated table columns values based on mapping type.

    4. Avaya: Quality details: 

    •     Added new filter [Endpoints] with corresponding columns in the Session list table. 
    •     Added [Exclude incomplete records] option in Duration Filter.

    5. Avaya: Screens Adaptation:

    •     Admin: Ability to classify location based on AD number or number range via DB.
    •     Admin: Configuration: Time Offset and Time correction (Avaya).
    •     Admin: Tenant variables: Administer Data sources (Azure & On-Prem).
    •     Users: Pin Users. 
    •     Map endpoints to Avaya & Cisco users (non-AD).
    •     Ability to load Location table from RIG DB.

    6. Endpoint Client:

    •     Added support for version 3 bulk export fields for P2P tests.
    •     Add to DataMart, Data Diagnostics and Data Sources on Configuration.
    •     Filters: Dynamic: Client Version, IP Address, Failure reason.
    •     Filters: Static: Session Type, Time Period, Duration, Test Result.
    •     IP DB: Filters adaptation (Ext loc. city, Ext. loc. country. ISP).
    •     Develop new GeoIP Insights (based on all platforms).
    •     Clouddataprocessor - Load test end points periodically.
    •     Provisioning wizard adaptation.
    •     P2P Advanced tab: Add new fields.

    7. Endpoint Client: Screens adaptation: 

    •     Users search & pin for Endpoint Client (AD connected)
    •     User Overview: Quality Summary / Graph for tests only. 
    •     User Overview: Adaptation of Quality summary, Session List, Filters, User Card, User info, User's Advanced tab, Bar chart adaptation.
    •     User Overview: Test type and test result filters.

    8. Custom Platform Configuration:

    •     Edit agent data.
    •     Configure Agent: Application Metrics editor.
    •     Configure Dashboard and Agent view: Application metrics.
    •     Configure Dashboard view: Add RIG source name to the Agent name.
    •     Configure Dashboard: New button and Metrics group editor. 
    •     View updated names on the dashboard.

    9. Cisco (CUCM): Screens Adaptation: Ability to classify location based on AD number or number range via DB.

    10. Pinned Users: 

    •     Added Endpoint Client tests related info for columns.
    •     Display new info for pinned users.
    •     Added filters “Platform”, “Modality”, “Session type”, “Duration”.

    11. User Health Index Alerts: 

    •     Create, Read, Update and Delete UHI Alert.
    •     Review Alerts: Table view.
    •     Review Alerts: Enable Alerts.
    •     Admin: SMS Gateway configuration for UHI Alerts
    •     SMS Gateway: Add the ability to send SMS only.
    •     Email message about UHI threshold breach.
    •     Alert (Send to) Monitored users.

    12. User Page: 

    •     Added new Device tab.

    13. WebRTC: 

    •     Analyze existing implementation of chrome extension from CX team.
    •     PoC: Reuse SSO flow for WebRTC token generation.
    •     UI: PoC: Supportive UI pages for SSO flow for WebRTC.
    •     SSO user. No redirection to the extension/success page.
    •     AdminAPI Endpoints for configuration.
    •     Backend - WebRTC data source configuration and data model.
    •     Datagate - APIs to manage WebRTC configuration and data.
    •     Ucdata - Avro schema and data transfer objects. 


    1. Admin: List of Endpoints: Sort columns.

    2. Avaya:

    •     Avaya User Screen: Duration Filter update.
    •     Avaya User Screen: Merge Quality Details into User page.
    •     Change logic for Avaya Poor call flag.
    •     External user label change.
    •     Removed hyphen from Avaya phone numbers.
    •     Provisioning: Data Sources Configuration: Ability to configure Ad attribute to match Avaya PBX extension for On-prem and Azure.
    •     Top user search adaptation for Avaya: Show phone.
    •     Quality Details: Duration Filter: Update "Exclude incomplete records" option logic.
    •     Quality Details: Filters visibility improvements.
    •     Quality Details: Change Conference session identification.
    •     Quality Details: Remove duplication when Caller=Callee.

    3. Centralized monitoring:

    •     Maintenance page redesigned.
    •     'Not found' page redesigned.

    4.Custom Platform enhancement:

    •     Added Avaya Aura CM in platform filter.
    •     Poller type: status: improved UX.
    •     Poller type: usage: added units configuration.
    •     Configure Agent: Added possibility to return back to the list of agents.
    •     Custom Dashboard view: Correct RIG source display name.

    5. Global filters:  

    • Modality: File Transfer removed from the application.

    6. Endpoint Client:

    •     Changed the composite key from the Endpoint Client data to just UUID.
    •     Updated Global filters mechanism.
    •     Added new fields for "Edit endpoint'.
    •     Advanced tab: Round up values.
    •     “Test errors” filter: Add Low test health rating condition.
    •     Removed one RG instance limitation.
    •     Removed incomplete P2P test records when processing bulk export output.
    •     Additional logic for mapping Avaya/Cisco Users with Endpoint Client Users.
    •     “Incomplete category” for failed Endpoint Client side tests.
    •     Implemented reverse connection logic for Avaya/Cisco users and endpoints.
    •     Changed grouping for Endpoint Client participants to group by users, not endpoints.
    •     Aligned quality logic calculation and session amount calculation.
    •     P2P Advanced tab: Changed fields.
    •     Quality Graph: Changed Tooltip appearance to handle bigger values.

    7. RIG Agent:

    •     Avaya Aura CM: Included column name and length changes from Rig release.
    •     Encrypted text passwords.
    •     Refactored CDC logic to update after successful delivery of the payload

    8. MS Teams:

    •     Service Status: Improvement for missing PSTN call records.
    •     Added support to parse participant list from session details.
    •     Teams Partial User Monitoring: Support Nested Groups.
    •     TEAMS/ZOOM: Remove Appsharing Low Framerate Alerts.


    •     Backend & DB: Sizing metrics: Added Cisco platforms.
    •     Sizing metrics tab: Redesigned.

    10. UI/UX Improvements:

    •     Admin: Locations: Added country code to country name.
    •     Dialog window: Click outside won't close a dialog.
    •     Insights: Improved long message visibility.
    •     Quality summary: Updated sub-tabs ordering.
    •     Replaced *.png icons with *.svg.
    •     Revised user time zone usage.
    •     Roles Authorities: Updated roles mapping to grant access to for User Overview & Proactive Testing screens.
    •     User overview: Improved UHI visibility.
    •     User page: Display UHI info for previously pinned users.
    •     User page: Modality tab: Align test type & modality filters on.

    11. User Health Index:

    •     DB: UHI calculation for Endpoint Client with the usage of "weighting mechanism".
    •     DB: Changed architecture for UHI calculation / saving.
    •     UHI Alerts Adaptation for Avaya.

    12. UHI Alerts:

    •     Improved adding Monitored users flow.
    •     Set 'Send to' field validation rule.
    •     Automated Endpoint Client enabled user selection.
    •     AD Group selection.
    •     Customized the subject of a UHI alert for Users.
    •     Endpoint Client: UHI Alerts: Add new fields.

    13. Zoom:

    •     Improved Client Version Display.
    •     Prettify Zoom authorization results pages.

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