Nectar CX Assurance 2022.0.1
  • 25 May 2022
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Nectar CX Assurance 2022.0.1

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Article Summary


Scope of this release is Assisted discovery and middleware API change requests

Technical Notes


New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

New Features

  • CXA-711 Assisted IVR Discovery in DIVR Module. The current DIVR process will respond to the IVR during discovery based on the predicted response from the IVR prompts.An assisted DIVR process needs to be introduced where when the DIVR Process starts, the CXA platform should also conference the tester/user in the DIVR call. For every prompt instead of using the predicted response, the DIVR should capture the response provided by the user to build the model.


  • CXA-793 - Discover IVR Rework
  • CXA-2294 - Assisted Discovery UI fixes and changes
  • CXA-2290 - Need to Change Description in Quick schedule CLI details
  • CXA-2280 - Provide Individual steps IVR recording audio for each steps
  • CXA-2215 - Testcase execution with execution ID: when a user executes a single testcase by APIs the APIs need to return an execution ID . This execution ID should be callable via report dashboard APIs 
  • CXA-2214 - Override Called Number Feature to be added to Test Case Manager "Run Test Case"Function and integrate to API
  • CXA-2212 - Override CLI range feature to be added to Test Case Manager "Run Test Case" function and Integrate to API
  • CXA-2194 - After a successful assisted discovery run UI need to show complete progress and steps
  • CXA-2193 - DIVR processes recording-breaking out call into different steps
  • CXA-2192 - User completes the desired test case and DIVR detects the end of the call
  • CXA-2191 - DIVR Module needs to records Test Case steps Proceed by user
  • CXA-2190 - A user should be able to connect through a conference call
  • CXA-2189 - Initiate of a DIVR Test case

Bug Fixes

  • CXA-2297 - Discover IVR - The Steps are merged even when the IVR Response were provided for the steps
  • CXA-2296 - Assisted Discovery - Task details shows User Called Number in Assisted Discovery Field
  • CXA-2241 - Assisted Discovery - The last step or recording is not transcripted
  • CXA-2240 - Assisted Discovery - Multiple DTMF response is not displayed in Possible Reply
  • CXA-2239 - DIVR - Audio controls in the progress details screen is not working
  • CXA-2213 - Campaigns to override target called number incorrectly updating the underlying test case called number


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