AX Assurance 2022.1
    • 03 Jan 2023
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    AX Assurance 2022.1

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    Article Summary


    This version contains the productionised AX Assurance code for the Recording Assurance solution.

    The Recording Assurance solution is coupled with the third-party WordWatch system and enables the organization to validate whether calls are being recorded by Agents of the trader/Contact Center platform. Agent handsets are controlled and programmed to make calls to the Cloud CX Assurance platform for validations and quality assessment. The MOS (Mean Opinion Score) is calculated and stored along with the recording metadata in the JSON files for the third-party application to ingest and report against. If calls are not recorded, alarms are sent to the customer from the WordWatch platform.

    Technical Notes

    • Merged the Recording Assurance solution with the techstack refreshed code of AX
    • Upgrade to Java 11
    • Support for log4j2

    New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

    New Features/Improvements

    • CXA-2618 - Point to CX tech refreshed server (test) for PESQ APIs.
    • CXA-2619 - Provide tech refreshed CX code on staging.
    • CXA-2620 - Java 11 support check
    • CXA-2622 - Security vulnerability support for log4j2
    • CXA-2638/CXA-2650 - API logs show with reports.
    • CXA-2646 - Added additional logs to troubleshoot the test calls that are reported as failed. However, call connected and recorded.
    • CXA-2645 - Customer Account permissions at BNYM need to be adjusted to remove unwanted admin access.
    • CXA-2648 - Implemented Dual Recording.
    • CXA-2649 - Fix to handle multiple click/UI usability
    • CXA-2652 - PESQ scores low issue at BNYM - Alternative approach MOS Score implementation
    • CXA-2823 - Implemented MOS score in UI.
    • CXA-2824 - Implemented threshold value for MOS score and presented in JSON file.
    • CXA-2653 - Testing Task - Added handset/increased the number of turrets executing the same campaign.
    • CXA-2677 - Implemented low score with DTMF and correlation with CX+AX.

    Bug Fixes

    • CXA-1917 - Manage Phones - System does not allow for a space in between the name mentioned for the "Name" field.
    • CXA-1074 - Sorting does not work for the "Start Time" column under Historical Reports section.
    • CXA-1075 - When a campaign report is filtered out for a specific date, the system displays the report (for different dates), although the filtered date does not have the intended campaign run made.
    • CXA-1076 - Old campaign name is retained under "Available Filter Campaigns" along with the updated campaign name in the Historical Reports section.
    • CXA-1089 - Total number of calls displayed under Phones Status report is incorrect.
    • CXA-1093 - Recordings in RXA are processed twice.
    • CXA-1111 - System shows an error on click of download to Excel report when a campaign is set to run (yet to be completed) with regular intervals between x to y time.
    • CXA-1117 - System does not run campaigns for the multiple timelines set in the “Daily Run” schedule.
    • CXA-1145 - Manage Campaign shows time in "Next Run" that is less than the current time.
    • CXA-1930 - Manage Phones - System updates the "Handset Type" field as "Left", when the value provided during import is other than "Left", "Right", and "Default".
    • CXA-2070 - Manage Campaigns - System does not retain the date and time values entered for the "Daily Run/Interval Schedule" schedule.
    • CXA-2071 - Manage Campaigns - On Edit, system does not display (by default) the schedule to which a campaign is set.
    • CXA-2076 - Report - Historical Report - Format of Start date and End date is not appropriate.
    • CXA-2680 - Campaign Manager - Alignment for the "Daily Run" field changes upon editing a campaign.
    • CXA-2688 - Group Manager - System aligns the pagination buttons towards the left, when too many characters are displayed in the "Description" column.
    • CXA-2689 - Test Case Manager - Adding a new test step is retaining the old test step during test step creation.
    • CXA-2692 - Real Time reports - Real Time Test Cases report - Value that shows in "No. of Calls" is incorrect.
    • CXA-2829 -Changing the way to query callerId to support the customer's change request.
    • CXA-2830 - Investigation Task- Intermittent EventTimeout error- CX outbound listener issue.

    Known Open Defects:

    • CXA-1086 - Total duration displayed under "Real Time Report" is incorrect.
    • CXA-1087 - Current state of "Phones Status report" does not show any values being populated.
    • CXA-2767 - Group Manager - Removed phone associated to a server still shows it is mapping in the existing group.
    • CXA-2690 - Campaign Manager - System displays an incorrect time value in “Start Time” and "End Time" when a campaign that was already executed is edited.

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