Nectar CX Assurance 2022.1
    • 12 Jul 2022
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    Nectar CX Assurance 2022.1

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    Article Summary


    DIVR recrawl functionality improvements, Agent Experience (AX) integration with CX Assurance (CX), and CX stabilization.

    Technical Notes


    New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

    New Features

    • [CXA-774] - CX/AX Integration
    • [CXA-849] - CX and AX campaign linking


    • [CXA-2322] - Required Data visualization and Generate a "TestCase" icon
    • [CXA-2289] - Mismatch in Call reports of CX and AX (still in to do)
    • [CXA-2195] - Implemented Re-crawl functionality for Automated discovery for re-vamped design
    • [CXA-1142] - DIVR Rework: Radar UI changes Discover IVR Tab
    • [CXA-851] - Cx Centralized reporting engine


    • [CXA-2173] - UAT issue - Change label in quick schedule UI to represent the units e.g. Start (mins), Duration (mins) Frequency ( mins)
    • [CXA-2060] - Streamline MOS score across the application
    • [CXA-2029] - Quick Schedule campaign/testcase run results not showing in the test-case-run-result and getCampaignLastRunResults API
    • [CXA-1933] - SMTP is not working on port 587 on CX AWS
    • [CXA-1011] - Web Interaction Manager - Need a docker image with CentOS and WebDriver
    • [CXA-2321] - Save and Crawl IVR button text should replaced by Save and Crawl
    • [CXA-2320] - ASR Param Configuration label text replaced by Parameters while Parameter label under this should be Type
    • [CXA-2319] - Data Driven CSV file label text replaced by Data Driven file and question mark should show CSV file as type required
    • [CXA-2318] - Ignore User Intervention Steps label replaced by Bypass User Intervention Steps
    • [CXA-2317] - Limit Max TestCases label replaced by Max TestCases
    • [CXA-2316] - IVR Locale text label replaced by Locale
    • [CXA-1105] - CX should wait for linked AX call outcome before sending any alerts
    • [CXA-1049] - CX should also schedule linked AX campaign for the same duration when CX campaign updates
    • [CXA-893] - Any failures on AX should also have possibility to trigger alarms from CX
    • [CXA-892] - Investigate how to fetch common ANI in AX received call

    Bug Fixes

    • [CXA-2447] - DIVR - The first step "Main" of different testcase in the same DIVR is having different transcription 
    • [CXA-2415] - Regression for MS3 - CX - System displays incorrect "Next Run" when a report schedule is set to run "Once".
    • [CXA-2399] - Testcase - Square brackets are not treated as Data File columns in Test Case
    • [CXA-2343] - Renamed campaign uses old name in test executions
    • [CXA-2172] - Campaign interval schedule inserts the intended campaign overridden calling number into the testcase
    • [CXA-2171] - Campaign Quick schedule doesn’t use the override calling number configured in campaign manager.
    • [CXA-2145] - UAT defect: audio file path update issue
    • [CXA-2132] - 2022.0 - Express - Regression - Report Dashboard - Duration displayed for the field "Run For" is incorrect.
    • [CXA-2111] - 2022.0 - Regression - Campaign Manager - Sorting by "Created Date" displays only few records in the campaigns list.
    • [CXA-1956] - 2021.1 UAT - Report Schedules - Issue with time in CX. UTC and Local date are different.
    • [CXA-1954] - 2021.1 UAT - Discover and Design - System does not replace the text that is provided through data correction file/option.
    • [CXA-1953] - 2021.1 UAT - Discover and Design - System is not considering the audio file as reply input, when provided through Data Driven CSV file
    • [CXA-1887] - CX-Tech Stack Refresh  Settings- Editing user roles/permission causes data table list view inappropriate.
    • [CXA-1835] - Regression for 2021.0 fix - Call Flow Visual - "Min Confidence Level %" field shows a random value when a node is selected.
    • [CXA-1813] - Regression for 2021.0 fix - Report Schedules - System sends out email twice (on the same day) when the report schedule is set to "Daily" option.
    • [CXA-1793] - Regression for 7.2.8 fix - Retry failure - System does not send out retry email failure message when a test case with retry failure attempt is run through campaign either through Interval schedule or Daily run.
    • [CXA-1778] - CX - Campaign Manager - Daily Schedule - Campaign gets executed even for the dates mentioned under "Exclude Dates" section.
    • [CXA-1037] - Regression - Test case along with WAV files in Zip format is not being imported through Import tab

    Known Open Bugs

    • [CXA-2437] - Dashboard -  "Confidence % - MOS" section shows Campaign run time (in the plot) in UTC and X axis of the graph shows current time instead of related campaign time.
    • [CXA-2446] - Express - Report Dashboard - System displays error, when a test case name is selected for the field "Test Case" under the report type "Load vs Response for Testcase".
    • [CXA-2443] - CX Express - Value for the field "Run Type" is not updated appropriately, when a campaign is imported.
    • [CXA-2308] - Test Case Manager - Call Flow Visual - Updating a media file through call flow visual is not getting reflected in the corresponding test step.
    • [CXA-2444] - Regression for MS3 - AX/CX Integration - Express - Status is displayed as "Failed" when a call from CX to AX is successfully made by CX and answered at AX. 


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