Nectar CX Assurance 2022.4
  • 21 Nov 2022
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Nectar CX Assurance 2022.4

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  • Realtime Dashboard revamp
  • Multi-media server settings
  • Call queue handling
  • Resizable columns to save user preferences
  • Campaign Manager - improvements on scheduled campaign filter
  • Report Schedules - share history option
  • Aborted call statistics 
  • Report Dashboard - allow add/edit steps for media file from media library

Technical Notes

  • Batch installer support
  • Software release version in settings page
  • AWS lab upgrade to PGSQL

New Features



  • CXA-2377 - Realtime Dashboard Functional Requirements
  • CXA-2326 - Realtime Reports - Amend execution order so that most recent execution is at the top
  • CXA-2691 - When a user clicks on row, drill-down details should appear
  • CXA-2714 - Change "Total Calls" to "Total Runs"
  • CXA-2715 - Replaced "Completed" column with "Successful"
  • CXA-2350 - Realtime Reports - easily identify what is running, "TestCases" or "Campaign"
    • CXA-2582 - Realtime report tab should have a column labeled as "Type" indicating if is it a "Campaign" or "TestCase"
    • CXA-2583 - Realtime report tab should have column labeled "Channel"
    • CXA-2584 - Realtime report tab should show Who run
    • CXA-2585 - Realtime report tab should show "Assigned Port" details
    • CXA-2586 - Realtime report tab should show "No. of TestCases" 
    • CXA-2587 - Realtime report tab should show "Total Runs"
    • CXA-2589 - Realtime report tab should show statuses in the form of "In-Progress", "Aborted", "Failed", and "Successful" 
    • CXA-2687 - Report Dashboard / Realtime Reports - Aborted call condition should consider make call/answer call steps fail

  • CXA-2537 - Report Schedules > History tab - share single or multiple records via mail IDs
  • CXA-2359 - Report Dashboard - detailed test step editing for media file from "Media Library" not allowed
  • CXA-2368 - Media Library > Browse Directory window - should be able to expand window and scroll and save/reload user settings on revisiting the media library during the same session
  • CXA-2679 - Improvement for resizable columns
  • CXA-2378 - Campaign Manager > Scheduled Campaigns filter - (earlier Realtime scheduled campaign tab)
    • CXA-2683 - Campaign list should have "Scheduled Campaigns" filter
    • CXA-2684 - Campaign detail popup needs to show "Type"
    • CXA-2685 - No need to show action items for "Quick Schedule" and "Quick Run"
    • CXA-2686 - User should be able to search "Scheduled Campaigns" across all folders or through a single folder
    • CXA-2569 - Campaign Manager - User should be able to see "Scheduled Campaigns or "TestCases" 
    • CXA-2576 - Scheduled Campaigns list should show columned labeled "Next Run" time
    • CXA-2579 - Campaign Manager - List should be ordered 
    • CXA-2581 - Scheduled Campaigns - list should have "Duration" filter
  • CXA-2694 - Multimedia server settings need to show MS IP details
  • CXA-1010 - Campaign execution queue system
  • CXA-2696 - Show the current version of software
  • CXA-2697 - Batch installer for release
  • CXA-2766 - Allow user to Delete sub org under the setting section 

Bug Fixes

  • CXA-320 - Campaign Manager - Last run time is not showing the Campaign quick run time of a scheduled campaign
  • CXA-708 - Realtime Reports - web interaction test runs are not displayed in "Realtime Reports
  • CXA-2102 - Realtime Reports - "Total Calls" displayed in the "Completed" tab are incorrect and do not match with the value in "Report Dashboard"
  • CXA-2128 - Express - Realtime Reports - "Total Calls" displayed in the "Completed" tab are incorrect and do not match the value in "Report Dashboard" (removing the 'Completed' tab will fix this)
  • CXA-2131 - Express - Regression - Realtime Reports - "Total Calls" displayed in the "Completed" tab are incorrect and do not match with the value in "Report Dashboard"
  • CXA-2253 - Realtime Reports - Campaign run with quick schedule, value displayed in "Total calls" and "Duration" are inaccurate.
  • CXA-2337 - Reporting - need to know who triggered the campaign or test case execution
  • CXA-2445 - Regression for MS3 - Express - Realtime Reports - Running/Completed tab shows inaccurate number of total calls for a particular test run.
  • CXA-2549 - The "STOP" function on Realtime reports doesn't work
  • CXA-2657 - Report Dashboard/Report Schedule -  Express - Filtering the report (when call detail has 10K records), based on the dates, is not working.
  • CXA-2671 - Intermittent issue- Add / Select button is not available to add a selected module to the Test case or another module - Express
  • CXA-2678 - Consolidated issues on import feature in "Test Case Manager" and "Test Modules Manager".
  • CXA-2705 - Multimedia Server - System is not utilizing appropriate media server for the calls made through DIVR.
  • CXA-2706 - Scheduled Campaigns filter - System is unable to automatically uncheck the check box "Search across all folders", when "Selected Campaigns"  is unchecked.
  • CXA-2707 - Radar and Express - Scheduled Campaigns filter - For an individual test case run, system is unable to show a value  for "Next Run by" in the "scheduled campaigns" pop up details.
  • CXA-2708 - Radar and Express - Scheduled Campaigns filter - For an individual test case run/scheduled runs, system shows incorrect/blank “Status” in the "scheduled campaigns" pop up details.
  • CXA-2727 - Real Time Dashboard changes -System is unable to consider the make call/answer failure step as "Aborted" when an invalid called number (for make call) is provided/answer call failure occurs.
  • CXA-2728 - Login issues- handle scenarios on clicking back and then accessing user profiles/sites/dashboard
  • CXA-2730 - Azure- Campaign Manager- Interval scheduled time is getting refreshed while trying to edit the campaign
  • CXA-2742 - Campaign Manager - Saving an existing campaign by changing its existing  value for frequency displays an error as "Name already exists".
  • CXA-2753 - System displays incorrect number of campaigns count in the Campaigns list.
  • CXA-2757 - Intermittent issue - Created campaign disappears from the campaigns list.
  • CXA-2760 - Radar and Express - System is ignoring "Make Call" test step for all the campaign/test case runs.
  • CXA-2785 - Report Schedule - System fails to email the report (for more than 7K call details), when a report is scheduled.
  • CXA-2793 - October Release Regression - Test Modules Manager - "Browse Directory" overlay (while trying to add new audio file) is not displaying any folders to choose from.
  • CXA-2795 - October Release Regression - Test Case Manager - System is unable to import a new .wav file along with the test case import (issue occurs only for xml format).




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