Nectar CX Assurance 2022.3
  • 16 Nov 2022
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Nectar CX Assurance 2022.3

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Revamped Reports Dashboard.

Technical Notes


New Features



  • CXA-2376 - Report Dashboard Revamp
    • CXA-2367 - Report Schedule - Unable to display a report 'now'
    • CXA-2327 - Report Dashboard with details need to show on UI
    • CXA-2616 - Needs to show status of the report that it has been sent due to non-execution of the Campaign/Testcase
    • CXA-2604 - Need to change column name from Account name to User
    • CXA-2542 - folder structure support while selecting and Allow Testcase selection
    • CXA-2539 - Download report option in history tab
    • CXA-2538 - View history option per schedule report and report filter in history
    • CXA-2536 - Date filter in history tab
    • CXA-2535 - Extra columns in generated email files
    • CXA-2533 - History structure/db-table and a tab in front
    • CXA-2532 - Resizable columns
    • CXA-2530 - Sorting fixes
    • CXA-2529 - Multi export to excel/pdf with additional column details
    • CXA-2512 - System need to show No. of Testcases
    • CXA-2511 - System needs to show Type
    • CXA-2510 - System needs to show Port Assigned
    • CXA-2509 - System needs to show Status
    • CXA-2508 - System need to show it is Campaign/Testcase
    • CXA-2507 - System need to show Who Run ( account name)
    • CXA-2457 - Campaign list should have column name to show Status (Completed / In Progress / aborted)

Bug Fixes

  • CXA-2669 - Test Modules Manager - Intermittent issue - Unable to select wav file  from "Browse Media" section, while trying to add a new test step.
  • CXA-2666 - Media Library- Unable to download audio file "Media Library" list.
  • CXA-2665 - Report Schedule - Switching the options between report type "Campaign" and "Test Case" does not allow the user to choose "Campaign" from campaign's list.
  • CXA-2664 - Report Schedule - History - System displays 504 error while trying to download a report with thousands of call details in it.
  • CXA-2663 - The module steps get replicated while importing them to another module-Express and Radar
  • CXA-2662 - The reference detail of an existing module is not displaying in the Text field while adding the module to another module - Express and Radar
  • CXA-2654 - Report Dashboard - System is unable to display Retry failure icon.
  • CXA-2641 - Updating a media file in the testcase step is not working
  • CXA-2637 - Campaign Manager - Quick scheduling a campaign with default values is making two calls ( second call after 5 minutes), instead of a single call.
  • CXA-2635 - Report Dashboard Revamp - For an aborted call, Pie chart representation of summary is not displayed for  Campaign/test case runs (occurs only through report list).
  • CXA-2634 - Report Schedule - During Monthly report schedule of a campaign/test case, System sends out report email twice (increments based on the number of days), for the successive days set in the schedule.
  • CXA-2630 - Report Schedule - Upon choosing repeat type "Daily", System sends out report email though the chosen test case is not executed with in last 24 hours.
  • CXA-2628 - Regression- Changed number of " Ports Assigned " for a Campaign is not working.
  • CXA-2627 - Adding and Running Testcase on existing campaign affects the column "No. of test cases" in the earlier runs Reports of the same campaign
  • CXA-2613 - Report Schedule - For a report schedule set to send "Once", system sends out report email, though the associated campaign is not executed with in last 24 hours.
  • CXA-2612 - Report Schedule - Report sent through email is showing old run dates for the labels "Start Time" and "End Time", when an existing campaign is  set to run again.
  • CXA-2605 - Report Schedule - Resizing the column size of "Schedules" list, aligns the Pagination buttons and Search fields towards left.
  • CXA-2601 - Report Dashboard Revamp - Downloading a report (from reports tab) is opening up the report simultaneously.
  • CXA-2344 - Report Dashboard - Column widths should be adjustable (really applies to all tables)
  • CXA-2338 - Report Dashboard - There is limited data visible in the report Dashboard, can this be enriched
  • CXA-2337 - Reporting - need to know who triggered the campaign or test case execution

Known Open Bugs

  • CXA-2657 - Report Dashboard -  Express - Filtering the report (when call detail has 10K records), based on the dates, is not working.
  • CXA-2678 - Failure to import a test case/test module along with wav file


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