Nectar CX Assurance 2022.5
    • 03 Mar 2023
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    Nectar CX Assurance 2022.5

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    Article Summary


    This release includes the following new features:

    • Event Bridge Alarming feature
    • iFrame support for WIM
    • Data Driven Campaigns and Test Cases

    Technical Notes

    • Added CX code to support Recording Assurance platform. 

    New Features

    • CXA-2784 - CX Alarm with Event Bridge
      • CXA-2797 - Change text of Email Alert tab and enable event bridge configuration.
      • CXA-2798 - Once Event bridge configuration is completed, then needs to show successful message.
      • CXA-2800 - Configure Event bridge for child organization.
      • CXA-2801 - Add alarm for Event bridge.
      • CXA-2834 - Get Event Bus from AWS in the drop down.
      • CXA-2835 - Replace parent org text with parent org name.
      • CXA-2837 - Show parent event bridge details under child org.
      • CXA-2838 - List the Event Bus providers.
      • CXA-2843 - Align Test Connection button with AWS Region button.
      • CXA-2844 - User cannot save the Event bridge details, if Test connection fails.
      • CXA-2851 - Show the "Schedule Type" in the event alarm.
    • CXA-2710 - Added capability to run a Campaign/Test Case for the number of records in the data file. 
      • CXA-2718 - In both RADAR and Express under Campaign Manager, user should be able to see Data Driven button.
      • CXA-2719-  Data driven records should show checkbox with each row.
      • CXA-2720 - Add Save button to save settings related to data driven file.
      • CXA-2721 - Express- Campaign run for the given run details
      • CXA-2722 - In both RADAR and Express under Test Case Manager, enable user to select data driven file step.
      • CXA-2723 - For the Quick Run system, need to check if data driven file is attached or not.
      • CXA-2724 - System should work as it is if no data driven file is attached or no record selected.
      • CXA-2827 - For Campaign Quick Schedule, the campaign should be scheduled with the same data selected when creating the campaign.
      • CXA-2862 - Data driven file: Reduce the size of the first selection column.
      • CXA-2863 - Append row number with testcase name.
      • CXA-2864 - User should be able to see the data-driven column details.
      • CXA-2865 - Remove extra line spacing.
      • CXA-2334 - Add capability to run a campaign for the number of records in data file.
    • CXA-2765 - Enabled switchTo to iFrame in Web Interaction Manager.
    • CXA-2531 - Added Date Range filter in Report Dashboard.
    • CXA-2531 - Added Eventimeout to handle intermittently call failures with an EventTimeout error for record assurance.

    Bug Fixes

    • CXA-2788 - Radar and Express - Intermittent issue - Test Case Manager - "Make Call" step is not displayed by default after clicking "Add Step" button.
    • CXA-2795 - Test Case Manager - System is unable to import a new .wav file along with the test case import. Issue occurs only for XML format. 
    • CXA-2811 - Express - System is unable to import a campaign (in XML format) through "Import" tab.
    • CXA-2812 - Settings - Jira Settings - Field "Project" is not populated with any of the available project names.
    • CXA-2813 - Media Library - Unable to upload a media file in ZIP format when the names of .wav file has space in it.
    • CXA-2831 - WIM- Step status is reported as failed, even when the operation is completed successfully.
    • CXA-2833 - Event Bridge Configuration - System unchecks the "Event Bridge Configuration" check box when clicking any area besides the checkbox control.
    • CXA-2841 - Event Bridge Configuration - Test case name that is displayed in the alert email does not have its folder path mentioned.
    • CXA-2846 - Campaign Manager - Last run time is not shown for a quick scheduled campaign.
    • CXA-2847 - Event Bridge Configuration - Multiple events are created for "Retry failure" attempts.
    • CXA-2850 - Event Bridge Configuration - Alignment for the "AWS Region" field changes while trying to save event bridge details without providing "Accesskey secret".
    • CXA-2854 - Regression - Error 400 is displayed while trying to edit and save a test case.
    • CXA-2855 - Regression - Test run details in the "Report Dashboard" loads more than 5 minutes.
    • CXA-2858 - Regression - Express - Error 400 is displayed when the "Delay" field is left blank while saving a test case.
    • CXA-2860 - "Skip alert" that is set in parent org is not visible at the sub org when sub org uses tenant event bridge details.
    • CXA-2861 - Event Bridge Configuration - When sub org uses tenant event bridge details, email alert is being sent from child org. However, “Skip alert” is set in the tenant event bridge.
    • CXA-2868 - Data Driven Changes - Report Dashboard does not show the test run details for a data driven test run (test case quick run/campaign run).
    • CXA-2869 - Data Driven Changes - Test Case Manager - "Last Run" column is not getting updated for a data driven test case run (quick run of a test case).
    • CXA-2870 - The size of the "Select" column in Campaign Manager is automatically increased during a search. 
    • CXA-2872 - Data Driven Changes - Campaign Manager - "Select All" check box in the "View Data File" overlay is unselected when a campaign is edited to view the data driven file.
    • CXA-2875 - Data Driven Changes - Test Case Manager - For a test case quick run, system is enabling the user to choose/save more than one data from the data file overlay.  
    • CXA-2876 - Data Driven Changes - Associated data driven file is missing when a test case is edited to replace the existing data file with another data driven file.
    • CXA-2877 - Data Driven Changes - Express - For a data driven test case, system associates incorrect value in "Reply With".
    • CXA-2878 - Data Driven Changes - Express - Test Case Manager - While performing quick run of a test case, system is not retaining the value selected in the previous run. Works as expected for Radar.
    • CXA-2879 - Regression - Data Manager - Folder path is displayed incorrectly in "Add/Edit Data" tab.
    • CXA-2880 - Data Driven Changes - System is not able to perform quick run for a data driven test case with data file that is not in UTF 8 format.
    • CXA-2881 - Data Driven Changes - Alignment issue exists in the "data driven record -  selected row" table.



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