Nectar CX Assurance 2023.1
    • 03 Apr 2023
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    Nectar CX Assurance 2023.1

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    Article Summary


    These Release Notes include the following new features and resolved issues for CXA 2022.5.2 and CXA 2023.1. Nectar CXA 2022.5.2 must be installed before installing CXA 2023.1.

    • Enhanced SIP error code.
    • Implemented Nuance error code.
    • Enhanced the import export functionality with Gitlab repository.
    • Resolve issues noticed during daylight saving.

    Technical Notes

    • CXA-2924 - Updated the library used for parsing the Data Driven CSV file.
    • CXA-2786, CXA-2817, CXA-2799 - Resolved issue with daylight savings in Docklands and AWS.


    • CXA-2949 - Added SIP error code with description.
    • CXA-2920 - Added Nuance error code handling and reporting.
    • CXA-2961 - TestCase Import - Upload - Sleep time of 60 seconds removed. Application responds as soon as the import is successful.
    • CXA-2981 - Added support for Gitlab Repo zip-based restore.

    Resolved Issues

    • CXA-2909 - Noticed campaign rollover issue due to time zone changes.
    • CXA-2926 - Test Manager - When executing a data driven test, the information from the file is being hard-coded into the test case.
    • CXA-427 - Real Time Report - Report does not display the statistics of the web interaction test case properly.
    • CXA-463 - Media Library - When the Play button in the media library table is clicked, the audio is played twice.
    • CXA-495 - Test Step - When a step is linked to a test case or test module, the selected test case or test module should open in new overlay with the test step overlay disabled.
    • CXA-535 - Test Case - The error message "testcasemanager is temporarily unavailable" is displayed when a test case is opened in call flow visualization, and a different test case is cloned.
    • CXA-571 - Test Case - The scenario, "Step always passes when min-confidence is set as 0," is not working.
    • CXA-572 - Test Case Manager - Shows an incorrect Tuning Configuration Name.
    • CXA-997 - When Test Case Name is changed, Reports in Dashboard use old name.
    • CXA-2446 - CX - Express - Report Dashboard - System displays an error when a test case name is selected for the field, "Test Case", under the report type, "Load vs Response for Testcase".
    • CXA-2750 - Renamed test cases continue to use old name.
    • CXA-2761 - CXA NA1PROD GUI Bug- Run enddate gets reset to today when editing a campaign.
    • CXA-2762 - NA1PROD - Cannot delete alert emails or retry.
    • CXA-2806 - AWS CXA - PESQ is not working.
    • CXA-2948 - Regression - Campaign Manager - Record is not sorting correctly when a column is sorted (for example, by Created Date), and a campaign is created via "Add/Edit Campaign" tab.
    • CXA-2950 - Test Case Manager - Data Driven - Values in the Data Driven columns are getting overlapped while trying to perform a quick run/campaign run.
    • CXA-2951 - Test Case Manager - Data Driven - Report shows no value in “Expected to hear” when a data driven test case is executed.
    • CXA-2953 - Regression - Test Case Manager - Folder paths are displayed incorrectly.
    • CXA-2954 - Regression - System displays incorrect UTC time (displays org time) in the alert email.
    • CXA-2955 - Regression - Report Dashboard - Call Detail Summary Report - "Result" column for "Speech Error" is not appended with the error description.
    • CXA-2964 - Report Dashboard - For a Failure Retry scenario, the "Total Runs" field in the Report Dashboard also shows the count for retry attempts.
    • CXA-2967 - Regression - Test Case Manager - Deleting a test case is not removing the test case. A duplicate test case is created.
    • CXA-2969 - Regression - Test Modules Manager - Importing an existing test module (by choosing "Override/Select Folder Path") with a new wav file is not importing the wav file.
    • CXA-2450 - Historical Report - CX - System displays an additional run of a Daily Run Campaign when frequency is set.
    • CXA-2842 - Test cases run outside of scheduled campaigns.
    • CXA-2970 - Diagnose Gitlab backup failure.
    • CXA-2986 - Gitlab - Bulk Import - Bulk Import Report is not getting updated completely when the sync process is completed.
    • CXA-2990 - Gitlab - Bulk Import - System remains as it is when "" is placed in server with no files in it. Sync progress message also appears for a long time.
    • CXA-2993- Gitlab - Bulk Import - Radar and Express - Import Summary Report is not showing a failure reason for a test case that failed to be imported.
    • CXA-2994 - Radar and Express - Gitlab - Bulk Import - For a failed test module (failed to be imported), system displays SQL query as a failure reason.
    • CXA-2995 - Gitlab - Bulk Import - Express - System overrides a test case/test module, even though the synced flag is set to false and then imported.
    • CXA-2996 - Radar and Express - Gitlab - Bulk Import - System fails to override test module, although the Import Report shows the action as “Override” and the status as “Successful”.

    Known Issues

    • CXA-2999 - Report Scheduler - "Next Run" is running an hour behind on the day after daylight savings.
    • CXA-3004 - UI column sorting issue



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