Nectar CX Assurance 2023.1.4
    • 17 May 2023
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    Nectar CX Assurance 2023.1.4

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    Article Summary


    The Release Notes for 2023.1.4 include the following new features/enhancements and resolved issues.


    • CXA-3110 - System should verify if any backup or restore is already in progress to the same GitLab repo before starting a process from a different organization/sub-organization.
    • CXA-3118 - Added the capability to partially cancel a backup or restore operation in GitLab Settings.
    • CXA-3136 - Added the capability to search by square or curly brackets in Test Module, Test Cases, Campaign, Report, and other areas of the application.
    • CXA-3113 - Apply the default value to GitLab Synced column during import to TestCase/Modules.
    • CXA-3108 - Enhanced performance with accessing Report Dashboard.
    • CXA-3116 - Enhanced performance when searching a module list.

    Resolved Issues

    • CXA-3009 - AWS Migration - Resolved the following issues:
      • Test Case Manager - While trying to delete a test case, System displays a “Failed” error message.
      • Test Case Manager - “Search” field is case sensitive.
      • Test Modules Manager - When editing an existing test module (that is linked to a test case), “Update” removes the test module link from the test case. The test module steps are also lost.
    • CXA-3025 - Test Modules Manager - System is displaying the linked test cases multiple times.
    • CXA-3074 - Test Case Manager- System is sending multiple failure alert emails on the same day with an alert frequency of one.
    • CXA-3081 - Report Schedule - Weekly report is not working correctly.
    • CXA-3109 - Deleted entity reappears when GitLab restore with zip is performed causing a duplicate test case/module in the system.
    • CXA-3135 - System is displaying local host URL for test case recording and Report Dashboard in Failure Alert email.
    • CXA-3143 - DIVR API issue with recording transcription not getting displayed for step recording in the Report Dashboard.
    • CXA-3158 - Test Case Manager - "View Associated Campaigns" button and certain rows are not visible, unless the page is zoomed out.
    • CXA-3159 - Campaign Manager - System is searching the campaign across all folders when the check box is not checked.
    • CXA-3161 - Test Case Manager - Importing a test case is creating duplicate test cases.
    • CXA-3162 - Test Module Manager - System is not allowing the test module to be saved when adding a test step, unless a new test module name is entered.
    • CXA-3164 - Access Key Secret and Authorization ID are not masked in Settings.
    • CXA-3166 - Not handling a bad destination URI correctly, which causes a loopback call failure.
    • CXA-3180 - Test Case Manager - Adding a CSV file to the Data Manager module while creating a test case in Test Case Manager is not working as expected.
    • CXA-3185 - Data Manager - Sorting does not work when viewing a data driven file.
    • CXA-3187 - Media Library - System displays an error when updating the value in the Description field for an existing media file.
    • CXA-3188 - Media Library - System displays a "Failed" error when moving a media file from one folder to another, even though the file is moved.
    • CXA-3189 - Data Manager - System displays an error as “Failed”, while trying to move a data file from one folder to another ( though its actually moved)
    • CXA-3190 - Importing an existing test module XLS file (using "Override") with a new WAV file is not importing the WAV file.
    • CXA-3195 - DIVR - System displays an internal server error when downloading a data driven CSV file from “Task Details”.
    • CXA-3196 - Campaign Manager - When a campaign is imported as an XML, the import fails.
    • CXA-3204 - Report Dashboard - Radar and Express - XLS/PDF reports (Single/Multiple) downloaded from Reports List are not opening.


    Test Summary CX2023.1.4 Release v1.0

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