Nectar CX Assurance 2023.2.0
    • 19 Oct 2023
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    Nectar CX Assurance 2023.2.0

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    Article Summary


    The Release Notes for 2023.2.0 include the following new features, enhancements, and resolved issues.

    • Upgraded to Liferay 7.4.

    • Implemented media server monitoring and recovery to enhance media server high availability.

    • Enhanced logging for better alerting and platform monitoring.

    • Enhanced the performance of the application.

    • Enhanced support for loopback calls.


    • CXA-3179 - Test Case Manager - Added ‘TestCase ID’ to be part of the data fields of a Test Case(s) exported to Excel/XML.

    • CXA-3256 - Enhanced logging to enable alerting when the DTMF digit is missed during an event loopback call object from the media server.

    • CXA-1750/CXA-2242 - Removed references to ‘Cyclone-portlet’ in API. Endpoint changed from /o/cyclone-portlet/api/* to /o/nectarcx-rest/*. This does not support backward compatibility.

    • CXA-2852 - Implemented media server monitoring/failure detection and recovery.

    • CXA-3213 - Implemented standalone media server monitoring service for health check and recovery/reboot in case of failure detection.

    • CXA-2885 - Show parent media server configuration in General settings of child organization.

    • CXA-2886 - Added buttons for ‘Add Server Details’ and ‘Test Connection’ in the Organization settings to enable users to add media server configuration details.

    • CXA-2887 - Added the capability to send an Alert email and event bridge notification to Nectar Support in the event of a media server failure/recovery.

    • CXA-2888 - Implemented a stand-alone decision maker service for media server health check.

    • CXA-2889 - Added report to show media server status details at Organization level for Admin use.

      Also, updated the Report Dashboard with media server IP/DNS details that are used for the test call.

    • CXA-2890 - Added the capability to pause the alerts/campaign failure to end users in the event of a media server failure detection and auto reboot for recovery. Updated the Report Dashboard with the status of ‘Aborted’ with the reason as ‘media server is recovering’ for live calls.

    • CXA-2891 - Added the capability for media server report status for the Super Admin and the Organization.

    • CXA-3214 - Added separate Media Server Manager section to list or update associations to multi tenants and show media server last known status.

    • CXA-3233 - Technical Implementation - Provided software build of objects in json format.

    • CXA-3170/CXA-2857 - Technical Implementation - Upgraded Liferay portlet to version 7.4.

    • CXA-3235 - Implemented the password policy and handling of warning messages when a password is expiring. The format for a password must be a combination of one uppercase alpha character, one lower case alpha character, and one numeric character. Password containing ‘user@’ is not supported due to the exception policy.

    • CXA-3156 - Implemented logging if the default MOS score is generated because of a stuck port/CDR exception.

    • CXA-2859 - CX Security Vulnerability - Added support for log4j2.

    • CXA-3127 - Test Case Manager - System fails to show the reason for not deleting a test case.

    Resolved Issues

    • CXA-3209 - Test Case Manager - Resolved issue with moving a test case from one folder to another.

    • CXA-3243 - Campaign Manager, Report Dashboard, and Realtime Reports - Enhanced the performance of the UI when managing a large number of test modules, campaigns, and test cases.

    • CXA-3018 - Link between Test Case/Test Module - System will display an error when importing a test case, and the associated test module in the import file does not exist in the same organization.

    • CXA-3265 - Fixed the issue where updates to modules in Test Module Manager dashboard are not being propagated to the associated test cases.

    • CXA-3266 - Test Case Manager - Resolved issue with cloned test cases created with 0 steps.

    • CXA-3230 - Resolved issue with associating an inbound test case to an outbound test case.

    • CXA-2238 - Resolved issue with CXA not answering outbound calls.

    • CXA-3257 - Scheduler runtime will now fetch inbound test case results at the top of the hour, which resolves the issue of alerting in case of callback count mismatch.

    • CXA-3244 - Media Server Monitoring - Resolved issue with saving a media server setting when media server field is blank.

    • CXA-3246 - Media Server Monitoring - Resolved issue with data table warning message.

    • CXA-3249 - Resolved issue with system not saving the media server IP when edited in the Media Server Monitoring section.

    • CXA-3250 - Resolved issue with validating a non-existing media server IP through the Media Server Monitoring section.

    • CXA-3248 - Media Server Monitoring- Resolved issue with system sending multiple failover emails during media server recovery phase.

    • CXA-3181 - Resolved issue with adding a test step to a test case linked module and getting updated in the test case (when edited in another tab).

    • CXA-3202 - Resolved issue with importing an existing campaign as an XLS file.

    • CXA-3272 - Resolved issue with restore from ZIP.

    • CXA-3216 - Removed ‘speech’ from test steps until text-to-speech implementation.

    • CXA-3273 - Resolved issue where test cases get saved to the root folder when editing.

    • CXA-3247 - Resolved issue where the system displays media server details for the organization "Nectar CXA" and not for any other organizations. This also happened when mapped with a media server.

    • CXA-3219 - Data Manager - Resolved issue with system being unable to display a missing data file under the "Missing References" tab.


    Test Summary CX2023.2.0 Release v1.1

    Nectar CX API Modifications

    Document History







    Initial Draft




    Updated CXA-1750; added CXA-2242;

    added link to Nectar CX API Modifications

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