Nectar DXP 1.11.0
    • 26 Sep 2022
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    Nectar DXP 1.11.0

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    Article Summary


    Nectar DXP is Nectar’s secure public cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nectar’s cloud services can be found at:


    Technical Notes

    If you are using Foundation APM, version 2021.3 must be installed prior installing Nectar DXP. For more information, contact Nectar Support.

    New Features

    Global Platform Changes

    1. Admin
      1. New configuration option to hide users from the user search that are not assigned to any platforms.
    2. Super Admin
      1. Super Admins can now delete commands from the Files and Commands screen.
    3. New rebuild button on the Data Mart screen which will allows data rebuilds for the selected vendor platforms.
    4. New user interface (UI) option to select the default collection interval for Endpoint Client bulk export jobs (2 Minutes Default).
      1. Screen: Configuration
    5. Nectar Score
      1. Nectar Score has been expanded to include video and appsharing metrics into it's calculation.
    6. Nectar Insights
      1. New Nectar Insights added based on the network
    7. Nectar Advanced Diagnostics
      1. Updated configuration interface.
    8. User Roles
      1. Users with the 'Managed Service Providers' role now have the capability to configure their supported platforms.
      2. Users with the 'Managed Service Providers' role now have the capability to review tenant sizing.

    Vendor Changes

    1. Avaya CM
      1. Automatically import Avaya Location from RIG database (DB) in the locations screen.
        1. Screen: Locations
    2. Endpoint RTC Analytics
      1. NICE CXone is now supported by Endpoint RTC Analytics extension.
      2. Amazon Connect is now supported by Endpoint RTC Analytics  extension.
      3. Tenants without active directory (AD) can now define a user as a "Self-viewer" to allow them to review their own Endpoint RTC Analytics sessions.
    3. Jabra
      1. Nectar DXP has extended its monitoring capabilities to collect device metrics from Jabra headsets.
      2. This means that variety of new screens, filters, and configuration options have been added into the Nectar DXP platform.


    1. DB:
      1. Improved performance of user searches
      2. Improved text overflow for long fields on Conference page 
    2. UI and User Experience (UX):
      1. Nectar DXP Events screen improvements
      2. Redesigned user photo frames
      3. User Overview: Align platform icons size 
      4. Top user search: Improvement: Add advanced searching logic 
      5. Added the ability to expand-collapse Insights section on UI 
      6. User mapping: Replace "Email" with "Alerting email" for sub-tabs with users listings
      7. Made the Service Status' column unsortable 
      8. Single Dashboard: Poller Statuses: Adapt Front End (FE) for New API
    3. Avaya:
      1. Refactor Avaya/Aura CM tables poller type configuration.
    4. Endpoint RTC Analytics:
      1. Session details - Advanced: List fields in alphabetical order.
    5.  Global:
      1. Search filters are no longer case sensitive. 
    6. User Health Index:
      1. Removed the time stamp from User Health Index email alerts.

    Bug Fixes


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