Nectar DXP RIG Agent Configuration Guide
    • 27 Nov 2023
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    Nectar DXP RIG Agent Configuration Guide

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    Article Summary


    This guide provides the instructions to configure the Nectar DXP RIG agent for Nectar Foundation, including:

    Enable Nectar DXP RIG Agent

    Configure Nectar DXP RIG Agent

    Install PowerShell Module


    This guide is intended for system administrators or engineers who have system administration access and technical knowledge of Nectar DXP along with a familiarity with deploying Nectar Foundation.

    Supported Software Versions

    • Nectar UCMP v8.7
    • Nectar DXP

    Enable Nectar DXP RIG Agent

    To start or enable the RIG agent as part of Nectar Foundation, you must manually configure the file and restart the RIG service.

    Nectar DXP RIG agent is disabled until you complete this process.

    1. Navigate to Apps > <RIG install folder>.

    2. Locate and open the file using Notepad.

    3. Locate the following line of text: = derby

    4. Add the following text to that line to enable the agent as part of the RIG: = derby,rigagent

    5. Save the file.

    Configure Nectar DXP RIG Agent

    To configure the RIG agent, you must manually configure the application-rigagent.yml file.

    1. Locate and open the application-rigagent.yml file.

    You already navigated to RIG installation folder.
    Use YAML editor, such as, to make changes to application-rigagent.yml file.

    2. Enter the following information to configure the RIG agent connection (see also application-rigagent.yml file - Example):



    Specify the path/name of the folder that will be used to store the RIG agent data. Create a folder named RigAgent and a subfolder named data, for example:

    agentDirectory: C:\Apps\\RigAgent\data


    Configure the Nectar DXP datagate service properties for the RIG agent connection.


    Specify the Nectar DXP datagate URL, such as:


    Specify the provisioned RIG agent, such as develop_agent.


    Specify the provisioned RIG agent’s password, such as 1234.


    Optional; default is false.

    Note: If you have Socks proxy enabled, enter true in the proxy > socks > active field; then enter the proxy hostportusername, and password.



    Specify the main Nectar DXP UI client URL for the Rig agent to import SSL certificates to make HTTPS connection to the datagate service.

    For example:


    Optional. Specify an alias for the certificate, such as NectarCorpCloud.


    Specify for Active Directory (AD) polling.

    Note: This optionally uses the PowerShell module. For more information, see Install PowerShell Module.


    To use same credentials as Windows service account to access AD, specify username/password of the Windows service AD account.


    Use SSL for AD connection (LDAPS).

    Specify tenant-provided key-store and trust-store file paths in key-store

    and trust-store properties, respectively.

    Specify key-store and trust-store file passwords in key-store-password

    and trust-store password properties, respectively. Both are optional.

    Table - Properties

    application-rigagent.yml file - Example

    3. Save the file. 

    4. After configuration is completed, restart the RIG service to enable the Nectar DXP RIG agent.

    Install PowerShell Module

    For tenants who have AD polling configured, the PowerShell module can be imported into the RIG. However, this is not mandatory, as it is not applicable for Linux RIGs.

    1. From the RIG, right-click Start and select Windows PowerShell > Run as administrator.

    2. If the following message appears, click Yes.

    Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer,

    3. Execute the following command:

    Import-Module ServerManager

    This process completes immediately.

    4. Execute the following command:

    Add-WindowsFeature -Name RSAT-AD-PowerShell

    The message, Collecting Data ..., appears.

    5. When the process completes, close the PowerShell window.Enable Nectar DXP RIG Agent

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