Nectar DXP Reports SP29 v1
    • 14 Jul 2022
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    Nectar DXP Reports SP29 v1

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    Article Summary


    CAM support for Cisco, CAM Avaya improvements, Switching from user based reports to tenants based reports to share across users of the tenants, Avaya Last registered report.

    Technical Notes

    Include any important technical notes that may impact the customer when upgrading.    

    New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

    Nsome browsers enable drag-n-drop only when dataTransfer has dataew Features

    • [NR-1044] - Cisco CAM (CUCM) module implementation
    • [NR-1050] - Cisco CAM mapping
    • [NR-621] - Activity: Avaya last registered report
    • [NR-1013] - Tenant based reporting to enable sharing of reports across different users of a Tenant
    • [NR-972] - Add tab in report list to view tenant based reports
    • [NR-996] - Add MS Teams to Standard Call Quality
    • [NR-987] - Add tab in report list to view reports per tenant


    • [NR-1065] - Avaya Last registered to state explicitly for 'Avaya Aura CM' either in widget or as part of description
    • [NR-551] - Downloading reports from Nectar catalog reverts back to reports tab
    • [NR-1056] -Avaya Inventory>> System name dropdown value is not refresh properly
    • [NR-1054] - Cisco CUCM adaptation - reference fles changes
    • [NR-1051- Avaya Registered Stations - Report column Last registered time to be changed from epoch value
    • [NR-1048] - Avaya stations name to all Avaya Reports based on the correlation of 'extension' and 'name' fields from avayaCm_cmStationsList table
    • [NR-1030] - Add bulk import for number filters including comma separated lists
    • [NR-1031] - Add/exclude certain numbers
    • [NR-1032] - Support for email domain restrictions
    • [NR-1033] - CAM tag on widgets
    • [NR-1034] -Optional reset CDC process on reference file upload so that historic data can be updated with new details.
    • [NR-1035] - Ability to identify internal customer numbers v external numbers (new “Tenant Number” column that cross-references the Avaya inventory station tables).
    • [NR-1036] - Month to date picker
    • [NR-1037]  -Spacing in columns for Excel. Need padding wither side of the fields.
    • [NR-1039] - Need "Total" field for summary reports to show the report total on the top line – optional checkbox will be needed.
    • [NR-1040] - Two location input types: new method using the DXP location table (Location) and the legacy method (Alternate Location).
    • [NR-1041] - Two name inputs types: new method using the Avaya inventory tables (Name) and the legacy method (Alternate Name).
    • [NR-1042] - Optional bold font for headers.
    • [NR-1043] - Increase max limit of detail report to 1M.
    • [NR-1066] - Handle Quotes In Tokens in Microsoft Reports Teams and Skype as they can break the report
    • [NR-1052] - Handling of Avaya Trunks report due to invalid agentindex_conv field value from RigDB Poller Poll store  
    • [NR-1051] - Avaya Registered Stations - Report column Last registered time - need user readable value
    • [NR-1048] - Add name fields to all Avaya reports.
    • [NR-1084] - Time format logic changes for CAM reports as user can change the time via Admin Tab and we need to support
    • [NR-1029] - Avaya system name to reflect the name from source in CAM, Quality and Inventory reports

    Bug Fixes

    • [NR-990] - Cache refresh implementation from parent application for report refresh on tenant switches for an admin user
    • [NR-1045] - Chicago Summary - Out calls column does not show outgoing calls ?? check if this is already fixed
    • [NR-1046] -APAC report bugs - all durations are the same, no call cost (may be fixed already).
    • [NR-991] - Quality Summary>> Unwanted User name displayed in the report
    • [NR-978] - Upload reference>> Data is not getting added after uploading the xls
    • [NR-1081] - CAM Cisco>> Call type field removal issues
    • [NR-1079] - Avaya Last Register>> Wrong System name displayed for the Avaya cm
    • [NR-1077] - CAM Cisco>> Call Type & Call Scenario boolean filters and Rule filters not displaying the values for Cisco platforms
    • [NR-1076] - CAM CISCO >> Report not displayed proper System name for the Cisco platform
    • [NR-1075] - Avaya Last Registered>> Report displayed data for the Avaya CM SIP type stations
    • [NR-1074] - Avaya Last Registered>> Duplicate data displayed for the Avaya Session Manager
    • [NR-1072] - Scheduler save operation is not working
    • [NR-1071] - Copy report not working through Tenant report page
    • [NR-1070] - Batch Download is not working properly
    • [NR-1069] - CAM Details>> Vendor selection for Avaya & Cisco should be checkbox same as CAM Summary
    • [NR-1068] - CAM Detail>> Show Bold header default value should be consistent between CAM Details & Summary report
    • [NR-1067] - CAM Summary>> Some of the Name & Alter.Name fields which has extension in the table rig_avayacm_cmstationlist is not displayed in reports
    • [NR-1061] - CAM Summary>> ??? displayed in the total Summary grid when there is no data for the Duration(Hrs) column
    • [NR-1057] - Demo EU>>Avaya Inventory>> Few entity source data is not in sync between RIG-Reports(DWH)
    • [NR-995] - Demo- EPC: Unknown hub name in EPC reports
    • [NR-1049] - Abbott>> Report redirect to error page when Location name contains special characters

    Known open issue

    • [NR-1086] - CAM scheduled report has both PDF and xls option but should be explicitly scheduled as XLS as PDF is not in scope for CAM and report will be delivered blank

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