Nectar DXP Reports 1.10.0 SP30 v1
  • 18 Jul 2022
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Nectar DXP Reports 1.10.0 SP30 v1

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Segregation of Avaya reports for Avaya CM and Aura CM VKM to support backward compatibility.

Also, CAM summary bug fix to append zeros to CAM summary report data.

Technical Notes


New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes


  • NR-1073 - EPC: Added display name to endpoint reports where we have endpoint details
  • NR-1063 - Avaya Resource usage widget - reworked
  • NR-1062 - Avaya Inventory widget: Changes as part of Avaya rework
  • NR-972 - Append CAM Summary report results with zeroes
  • NR-1109 - Added a warning message in case the number of measures or dimensions exceeds 100 columns
  • NR-1108 - System name for decommissioned systems should not be part of the reports
  • NR-1105 - Add Begins with and Ends with options to number filter In CAM
  • NR-1059 - Avaya Inventory  - cmCapacities field mapping from AvayaCM and update to the reports UI
  • NR-1058 - Avaya- Resource usage /cam : Trunk usage reports- include system name in drop down and output of the report
  • NR-1115 - CAM Summary- Sort primary filter in alphabetical order
  • NR-1086 - CAM scheduled report- Disable PDF option
  • NR-1116 - Time format conversion
  • NR-1117 - Report email alias to be changed to Nectar Reports

Bug Fixes

  • NR-1113 - CAM Summary & Details>> Number of calls column is not available to filter in primary & add rule filter
  • NR-1112 - MS Teams Rating Summary>> Report redirect to 500 Internal error for the Context - Region filter
  • NR-1104 - CLONE - Avaya Inventory>> Avaya CM data is not matched between RIG to DWH report
  • NR-1102 - Avaya Inventory>> Wrong Avaya CM Entity name displayed in the report
  • NR-1100 - Avaya Inventory>> Avaya CM Entity name is not properly ordered same as Avaya Aura CM
  • NR-1098 - EPC: Failed Test Trend (Hub)>> Display name not displayed in the report
  • NR-1097 - Resource Usage>>By default Avaya platform should selected for the Usage: Avaya Trunk report
  • NR-1096 - Resource Usage>> System name field not support for all the Avaya versions
  • NR-1095 - Resource Usage>> Null value displayed in the rig name field
  • NR-1094 - Resource Usage>> RIG name not displayed in the dropdown for the Universal platform
  • NR-1093 - Resource Usage>>Report displayed CUCM/Unity/CMS system names in the Avaya system name dropdown
  • NR-1092 - Not able to open Resource Usage report/widget in Prod mirror
  • NR-1091 - Report creation & Copy report functionalities not working
  • NR-1110 - CAM Summary>> Hide Unknown is not working for a few columns
  • NR-1107 - Avaya Inventory>> VDN's – “Name Hah” column to be renamed to “Name Hash”.(Typo error)
  • NR-1106 - Avaya Inventory>> AES Servers – “Server Link” column looks to be formatted as date/time rather the actual value

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